Beliefs and Mission

Mission And Beliefs of Fairforest Elementary School


The mission of Fairforest Elementary, a diversely populated school where children come first, is to prepare our students for lifelong learning through a challenging curriculum with open communication in a safe, respectful environment.

At Fairforest Elementary School, We Believe:

An atmosphere of mutual trust, safety, respect and warmth, where children come first, is essential for learning.

  • Education is a lifelong process that is the shared responsibility of parents, teachers, students and community through open communication.
  • Clear goals and high expectations for students and staff guide curriculum development and lesson planning.
  • Students learn best when they are¬†actively engaged in the learning process.¬†
  • Assessment of student achievement is accomplished by providing a variety of opportunities for success.
  • Continuous improvement is necessary in order for our school to meet future challenges.
  • Knowledge of cultural and ethnic diversity enhances positive relationships at school and at home.
  • An exposure to community involvement promotes good citizenship.
  • Encouraging the development of character traits builds our school family.